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Best Project Management Software Comparison

This project management software comparison will cover the 4 most important solutions available.


As you continue to embark on this new journey of growing a business. Or starting your business or kind of doing your own side hustle and wanting to be more, responsible. Be on top of your game, and help to be more efficient with your time and energy. 

Well, you want to consider getting some sort of project management software. Some sort of project management solution.

I have the four best options that are available right now. And we will dive into the pricing model of all four of these options. Because it’s important to know which ones, might be best for you and your particular needs.

Every business is different. And I would hate to see you guys do what I did. Which was spending a lot of time and energy doing research. Hey, all the research I did leave out one important thing, that should have been like the first thing. They touched on to help me with knowing which option, kind of wouldn’t have been on my list. Because of the other kind of features and attractions that they have.

I overlooked this one thing. And it kind of put me in a position where now I have to backtrack. And spend more time and energy creating a whole new kind of workflow. With a new solution, a new service, a new provider.

Because monday.com, as you can see with their pricing, has five different plans for you to choose from. And it’s great because the individual plan is free and that goes up to two seats. So this is a great starting point. And other options that we’re going to dive into as well Asana has a basic zero dollar free plan. As well as ClickUp has a zero-dollar free plan, as well as Trello.

So, this is great. They’re already giving you away into their platform. Into their services into their solutions to allow you to use their software. To manage your projects, manage your business, manage your deals. Whatever it is that you want to use this for managing.

We can’t configure it in a way that will align with your needs. But of course certain solutions, certain options. Will be better aligned with different businesses. Depending on what exactly it is you’re looking for. And among those alignments. Is going to be the pricing?

And the pricing model that Monday dot com has for example. Should kind of give you the impression that they are more focused on small businesses. And you can say micro-businesses. But not the solopreneur, the entrepreneur the self-employed individual. Who’s an independent, contract of the freelancer or the self-employed individual.

Who’s starting a business but is a single-member LLC single member. You know the company and might be working with other contractors. But not actually, full-time employees that need access to everything.


That’s where Monday dot com is not the best option. Because of the rip-off at the top, you can see the lowest number of Team size seats that you can buy is three. So if you only have two employees, if you and one other person. And you’re trying to bring other people on board, but they’re not full-time employees.

Then it won’t make the most sense at least on how you’re spending your money because you’re going to be wasting money.

Monday - Project Management Software Comparison

That’s going to be going towards an empty seat because it’s only you and one other person or even if it’s you.
There you go. You got two other seats that you are paying for that you’re not going to be using. And that’s under the basic plans the standard plan the Pro Plan and Enterprise because it’s limited too.

That’s how far down you can go. Otherwise, you would use the individual free plan. But then you’re not getting any of the features and the components that you’re going to be looking for now. If you want the bare smallest, hey, this might be all you need, but I need more than that for myself.

And I’m sure a lot of you will need more as you grow and start to generate income. That will allow you to better invest in better software. That will help you with growing your business in it and again. Being more efficient and effective with your time and energy. So that was the most important thing I wanted to start off. Is pointing out that Monday allows only three seats. You can’t go lower than three seats. So, this may not be the best option for some of you guys out there who are starting off.

And only have one or two employees. Because they do provide guest access and most of these plans, most of these solutions. So having to buy many seats isn’t going to be mandatory for these project management solutions.


So when we make our way through Trello, you can see they have a free plan. They have a business class plan, which is $10 or it’s 1250 if you pay monthly.  And then they have an Enterprise plan. When we scroll down and take a look at what exactly is available. You can see a nice long list of features under their business class plan.

Have a nice little list here of features under their free plan as well. But it expands much more when you stop paying them a few dollars. So being that they only have three plans they make it nice and easy for you to decide, which plan? 
Is going to be best for you and your particular needs the free plan. That they describe it as for individuals and teams looking to be more productive. But then a business class plan is described as for teams that need to track many projects. And visualize work in a variety of ways best for teams up to 100.

And then they have their Enterprise plan. Which we’re not going to spend much time diving into Enterprise plans. But it might be something worthwhile to do because of the extra features they have. And knowing that their business class plan is $10 per seat.

Throughout the Enterprise plan might not be that much more if you only looking for one or two seats. So that you can get access to these extra features something to keep in mind. Especially knowing that hey there, their top plan is $10.

Monday more details

Well, look at monday dot com.  Their top basic plan is $8. Per seat, a month and again the smallest you can do is three seats. So if you are a single-member LLC, or you have one employee.  Again, you still have to pay $24 a month. For that. Well, let’s click on monthly.

Yeah, we’ll look at all the monthly plans moving forward.  Although I would suggest paying annually because then you can save money.  So we’ll keep it on here. I want to encourage that.

And I know some of you might be starting off and that might be harder and tough more difficult to do. But if you can stretch it and, kind of save your money for a little bit. And then you can invest, and buy an annual package or plan or start off with a free plan and then save up.

And then make that jump that’s what I would recommend doing. So you can save the money and of course, you can always start off monthly and then jump up at any time. But I would recommend doing a yearly fee, that said which I’m glad I did it the approach.

Usually, they say you can try it for free. So I would recommend doing that.  So as we look again the most I’m putting so much information because I don’t want people to spend so much time. Like if you are only you or one other person. I don’t recommend Monday if you’re gonna be growing. Where you will have at least three full-time employees where you want three seats. 

Within the next year within 12 months or within six months, then I would say this is the best option to go. If you need five seats you need if you need three seats or five seats 10 seats. Monday is definitely the best option. But keep in mind you will need to consider kind of the features and what it is you’re looking for. And the main thing that I loved with monday.com was kind of the automations and the boards. I’m a big fan, but, the automations is what you are limited to.

Under one of the things, you’re limited to as well is Integrations. As you can see here under their basic plan, which again $30 a month, even if it’s only you. Even if it’s one person you got to pay $30 a month. So  knowing that you’re limited to 250 actions per month. Might not put you in a position where this is this makes the most sense.

So the Pro Plan is what you’re going to need. Almost regardless of your situation if you’re with two employees. You’re gonna want to use automation. And you are going to exceed 250 per month.

Because of how they designed the platform and how easy it is to set up automations. And how you’re gonna want to set them up because it will help you with saving time. So you’re not doing steps things that are repetitive that you don’t need to do that can be done for you.

And that’s the beauty of it. But because of their pricing model, it might not make the most sense. And you’re going to be pushed up again to their Pro Plan. That’s going to cost you forty-eight dollars a month at the minimum because you have to buy three seats.

So I love Monday.com. I’m a big fan. I would, I’m still gonna recommend it to people and say you should check it out. Because you might not need it if the automations and integration thing element. Isn’t that big or if it’s not going to be something that you’re gonna use that much. 

Then the standard or basic plans might be all you need and then it’ll it will only be $30 or $24 that you’ll be paying a month. So I’m a big fan of monday.com. I have a link to it down below for you guys that like I said, it’s it’s great. I’m using it right now and definitely recommend it. But something to keep in mind is that you can only get at the minimum of three seats. And you will have to pay for those extra seats, which might be you wasting money.

So now that we know about the five, four different plans that are available. And how most of the time you can’t start off with the individual plan. I would recommend trying any of these free plans and consider using the standard plan first. Because you’re going to want at least the automations in integrations.

It might be all you need to though again. Everyone is different. Every business is different. Maybe you’re an artist. Maybe you are a consultant. You can use these products and solutions for so many different purposes.
So, I’m gonna kind of jump ship from monday.com. I wanted you guys to see the three different options that are available.


Next up is Asana. And as you can see, they have three different plans. The basic plan, which is free a Premium plan, which is 1099 or 1349 a month if you pay monthly. And then they have a business plan, which is $24.99 or $30.49 build monthly.

The Premium plan as described is for teams that need to create project plans with confidence. The business plan is for teams and companies that need to manage work across initiatives. Of course, the basic plan that sings for individuals or teams getting started with project management. Which is why I love all these because they do give you a free plan. But they also give you the ability to try all their paid plans for free as well. So I definitely recommend doing that. Usually starts with the kind of the middle plan in this case their Premium plan.

And when you come down and look at all the features. A lot of them kind of start off with like unlimited something. As you would remember from monday.com. And kind of seeing the same difference over here with the tasks. Unlimited projects unlimited messages, unlimited activity log, unlimited file storage. But saying 100 megabytes per file.

You can see a ton of other components and features that are part of their free plan. But you jump up to their Premium plan and you start to get more the things that you’re gonna want. Things like a timeline like dashboards advanced search, and reporting custom fields. Unlimited free guests and much much more.

Then under their business plan again, you’re gonna see extra features. That might push this over the edge for you or some of these might not be necessary. And you might say oh this is , well beyond what we need. And the basic or premium plans would be more aligned with our business workflow.

Or your particular project management desires. Because it’s what it’s going to come down to what it would it is it that you want to do with this software. What do you or how do you want to use it. And that’s going to help you to decide which one of these options is best for your particular needs.


So next up we have click up and as you can see they have four different plans. Basically, their free plan, unlimited plan, which is five dollars per month. Or if you pay monthly it’s gonna jump up to nine dollars.

Then they have their business plan which annually is nine dollars per month. Or monthly it jumps up to $19 and they have their Enterprise plan, which of course you have to contact sales as usual. Like we said a moment ago free plan has some unlimited features. Including unlimited tasks unlimited members 100 megabytes storage and two-factor authentication.

Then we jump up to their unlimited plan. Which has unlimited storage, unlimited lists board and calendar views. Unlimited integrations, unlimited dashboards guests, and permissions goals portfolios and custom fields.

Now again, most of these other providers have other options, there are going to be limitations. So when you do click on it, it does say well this is under the free plan. But under the free plans are limited to a hundred uses of goals portfolios and custom Fields. You’ll get unlimited use of these features here under their unlimited plan.

When you jump up to their business plan, you have Google SSO for people in your workspace Google folders. So group align goals into folders for the ultimate core. Powerhouse custom exporting private protected and default views.

All dashboard widgets extra guests all automations. So 10,000 plus automations. Many actions and conditions. My maps and timelines timeline views advanced time tracking workload and more. And of course, the Enterprise has a ton of other features that are available as well.  

I am looking forward to giving click up a shot to be completely transparent with all you guys out there. I have been giving monday.com a try so far and based on my research and exploring these different options. ClickUp is going to be the next option that we give a try over here and most likely.

Now it’s going to be the unlimited or business plan. business plan because you have all automations that are part of this plan. And that’s one of the big things that I value, automations. 
Yeah, so looking forward to giving click up a shot and keeping you guys in the loop. As we dive into building out our workflow using their software. 

Trello more details

Last on our list is Trello which has three different plans. They have a free plan. Which is zero dollars for individuals and teams looking to be more productive. Have a business class which is $10 or it’s twelve dollars and fifty cents per month if you pay monthly.

And this is for teams that need to track many projects and visualize work in a variety of ways best for teams up to 100. And then they have the Enterprise. For companies that need to connect work across teams and enhance work. While control security and support ideal for organizations a hundred and plus.

So they kind of make it pretty easy to say. Hey, which plan do you want? Which plan do you need? Which plan is most is gonna be better aligned with your business and after it’s pretty clear. You’re gonna say I either need a free plan or their business class plan.

It is going to come down to exactly what it is that you are, what are the main features? What are the main tools that you want that you desire that you need? what are you trying to achieve oftentimes? It’s going to be the ability to automate workflows and processes. Helping you to stay organized and on top of what’s coming up or what have you already done? What do you need to do?

That’s where these project management solutions are so valuable and so helpful. But it is going to come down to what little custom fields or being able to identify a label. Or being able to automate processes is going to be huge and one of the biggest things that I’m looking. To when we look at that you can see under their free plan, which is zero dollars. They have 50 automated commands runs per month very limited.

So that off the rip would tell me I need to consider their business class plan. Then when you see their business class plan. It says they have 1,000 automated command runs per workspace plus 200 per user up to 6,000 per month.
So much better much more aligned with my needs than their free plan.

Which tells me hey, I need to consider their business class plan. Now, these services some of these solutions don’t give you the ability to pay, kind of any add-on type of features. So let’s say you want to and I’m not even sure if Trello does but it’s something I’m thinking about right now.  But if there is a need or desire to get more than this 6,000 per month. Sometimes you are kind of screwed and you can’t that’s all you kind of limited.

Other times though. kind of charge you.  As you go so I can’t speak to exactly how who does what I can’t say Monday calm does not. And then if you do exceed their automation limits, it takes it goes towards your next month’s credit.
So you’ll be once the new month starts it all resets.

And if you exceeded it with this current month, it’s going to go into next month. So you already gonna start behind and it kind of continues on and with that cycle. I would imagine until you decide to quit or cancel your membership and then they say, okay. Well, you have to pay this fee. I’m not sure how that works. But you pretty much will be behind of the rip. In which it then like kind of freezes you can’t make changes until the new month. And it wasn’t what I was looking forward to. Especially after spending so much time configuring my workflow. Because I did enjoy their platform.


Diving into the different pricing models that are available. When it comes to the different project management solutions that are out there. The four that we covered Asana, Trello, ClickUp, and Monday. Because they are the top four project management solution services that are available. For small businesses, micro businesses. And those of you who are self-employed independent contractors and Freelancers.